Photographer Turned Bus Conductor

Tired Photographer

Tired Photographer

I never thought I would be writing a story about a photographer turned bus conductor ever. Even if I thought of writing such a story, I could never have thought the main character would be me. June 10,2013 was to be day 11 at Elophotos Academy. I set out on the Ikorodu to Ikeja journey at 6.20 am but didn’t get  a bus until 8a.m. I boarded a so-called Luxurious bus, (I don’t get the luxury part of a over-crowded bus) for One hundered naira. Of course I had to stand through the duration of the trip.  We were all packed like sardines in a can. In fact, I think sardines in a can enjoy more luxury than I did this morning.

My bag was so heavy with the laptop and my breakfast in it that I had to drop it on my feet so I could steady myself with both hands on the railing. I was so glad I wasn’t carrying my camera…

The only thing that differentiated me from the conductor was that I wasn’t howling “Ketu,Ketu, enter with your change!” and of course I wasn’t collecting bus fare.

It took like forever to get to Ketu, 9.15 to be precise and I got to Elophotos at about 10 a.m. For the first one hour after I got to class, it felt like my brain and mind was still trapped in that raggedy bus. Paying full attention was a struggle. I was  so tired. Obviously being a bus conductor isn’t my calling, I will stick to photography and perhaps leave home as early as 5.30 a.m next time.

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